Non-flavored Beans:

  • Bali Blue Moon: a dark roasted, organic coffee that grows in the Kintamani Highlands region and is shade-grown and water-processed. This brew is a classic, clean cup with great body and mildness. It has low acidity and possesses a smooth, syrupy taste with rich notes of dark chocolate, vanilla bean, and mild black licorice which leads to an unforgettable finish.

  • Bean Counter Blend: a blend of Guatemala and Sumatra coffee with sweet, sharp, and spicy undertones. This is a medium roast with a mellow and smooth body.

  • Brazil Santos: a medium-dark roasted coffee that grows in the Serra da Mantiqueria mountain range. This brew is low in acidity and light-bodied. All beans are hand-picked and dry-processed which gives it a pungent and clear sweet, fruity undertone.

  • Breakfast Blend: a blend of Guatemala and New Guinea beans with a light and thin body. This medium roast boasts tangy and sharp notes of floral and wine.

  • Colombia Excelso: a medium roasted coffee that grows in the Andean mountain range and is harvested by hand and processed using a washing and soaking method. This brew is rich in flavor with Tamarind undercurrents and a heavy and oily body.

  • Costa Rica Tarrazu: a full medium coffee that grows in the Tarrazu Canton, a part of the Talamanca Sierra mountain range, at elevations of 3,900ft or more. This higher elevation slows the maturing process of the beans which leads to a clean, light, and perfectly balanced body with a bright, smooth, and sweet nutty finish.

  • El Salvador: a medium-dark roasted coffee that grows in the southern range of the Sierra Madre Mountains. It has a full body and a balanced and oily acidity. Organically grown, these beans have a tangy and rich flavor with hints of dried plums and molasses.

  • Espresso Blend: a secret blend of many different beans that result in a rich and pungent flavor with smoky chocolate undertones. This dark roasted blend has a heavy and thick body and is best left whole bean and ground as needed to produce the perfect amount of crema.

  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe: a dark roasted coffee that is grown in the Ethiopian Highlands, also known as the roof of Africa, and is hand-sorted and picked. Each bean is wet processed to improve its acidity and enhance its clean, floral notes. This African coffee boasts a fruity and floral flavor with hints of wine.

  • Guatemala Antigua: a light-medium roasted coffee that grows in the Sierra de las Nubes, a part of the Sierra Madre Mountain range, in a region that has ample rainfall, constant humidity, and elevations that reach 4,600ft. These factors lead to a complex, full-bodied brew that has smoky, chocolate undertones, hints of floral and spice, and a low viscosity.

  • Honduras Cerro Azul: a full medium coffee that grows in elevations above 4,500ft and is more flavorful and dense than other beans. This brew features light coconut and lemon zest, hints of almond and honey, and a slight chocolate finish.

  • Hope Blend: a blend of Colombia, Sumatra, and Kenya that is roasted dark. This blend has a heavy and oily body with rich notes of caramel and spice.

  • Kenya AA: a dark roasted coffee that grows in volcanic soils of Mount Kenya at elevations of 4,900ft to 6,800ft. The beans are harvested fresh and wet-processed which results in a clean, full body of flavor and high acidity. Subtle hints of pepper, berry, and citrus and an easy, floral aroma complete this fantastic brew.

  • Morning Star Blend: a dark-roasted blend of Kenya and Ethiopia beans that has a bright, spicy flavor and a clean, light body.

  • Papua New Guinea: a medium-dark coffee that grows in the Sudirman mountain range at elevations in excess of 4,000ft. This brew is clean and light in body and possesses sweet citrus and berry undertones.

  • Peru La Florida FT: a medium roasted, organic and fair-trade coffee that is grown in the Andean mountain range in Peru. The Andean soil gives this light-bodied and mildly acidic brew a bright clear flavor with hints of cedar and herbs and a light, grassy ferment.

  • Sulawesi: a medium-dark roast that is grown in the slopes of the Sesean mountain range. This brew has a pungent and rich flavor with earthy and floral under-flavor, a full and smooth body, and well-balanced acidity.

  • Sumatra Mandheling: a medium-dark roast that grows in the Bukit Barisan Mountains. This brew has a smooth, full body, and boasts a tangy and rich flavor with hints of chocolate, brown sugar, and molasses.

  • Tanzania Peaberry: a light-medium roasted coffee that is grown and harvested on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, near the Kenya border. Tanzania Peaberry beans are small and round and have a much richer flavor than their oval-shaped counterparts. While these special beans share many of the same characteristics as their cousin, Kenya, they are far less acidic. While the beans are rare and must be hand-sorted from the rest, Tanzania Peaberry beans are full in body and produce a distinguished aroma that is found nowhere else.

Flavored Beans:

  • Amaretto: a medium roast coffee that tastes like almonds.

  • Banana Foster: a medium roast coffee that is flavored like the popular dessert, using rum, brown sugar, vanilla ice cream, and banana liqueur.

  • Bourbon Streusel Cake: a medium roast coffee that tastes like rich, sweet, nutty coffee cake with light bourbon top notes.

  • Butterscotch Blitz: a medium roast coffee that tastes like rich, sweet, nutty coffee cake with light bourbon top notes.

  • Caramel: a medium roast that tastes of creamy caramel with a touch of vanilla.

  • Caramel Cashew: a medium roast coffee with notes of cashews dripping with creamy caramel.

  • Christmas Traditions: a medium roast coffee flavored with traditional holiday spices and a warm rum background.

  • Cinnamon Hazelnut: a medium roast coffee that is just the perfect blend of exotic cinnamons and classic hazelnut with a hint of vanilla cream.

  • Cinnamon Roll: a medium roast coffee that possesses notes of sweet, cinnamon glaze and vanilla cream cheese icing.

  • Cinnamon Sweet Potato Swirl: a medium roast coffee that has a subtle flavor of sweet potato with a warm, cinnamon background.

  • Cozy Winter Night: a medium roast coffee that makes you want to cozy up in front of a fire and dream of caramel sweetness.

  • Crème Brûlée: a medium roast coffee that is tastes like vanilla custard with creamy caramel top notes.

  • Crumb Cake: a medium roast coffee that is just as sweet and buttery as the German specialty it's named after.

  • Dulce De Leche: a medium roast coffee flavored with thick, Spanish caramel.

  • English Toffee: a medium roast coffee with a lightly spiced, creamy caramel flavor with rummy notes.

  • French Apple Crumb Cake: a medium roast that tastes like cinnamon apples with vanilla wrapped up in a delicious cake.

  • French Vanilla: a medium roast coffee with vanilla made the French way with a dash of spice in a caramelized background.

  • German Chocolate Cake: a rich chocolate and coconut-flavored medium roast with light berry notes.

  • Icicle Crème: a medium roast coffee with a sweet and creamy vanilla flavor and overtones of mint.

  • Nuttin’ For Christmas: a medium roast that will have you so pleased with its nutty sweetness that you won't even care if your stocking is empty.

  • Peaches & Crème: a medium roast flavored with peaches & a touch of crème.

  • Pecan Sticky Bun: a medium roast of toasted pecans with lots of cinnamon, only without the mess and sticky fingers.

  • Peppermint Mocha: a medium roast of rich chocolate with a minty background.

  • Praline & Crème: a medium roast made with almonds and caramelized sugar.

  • Pumpkin Pecan: a medium roast of traditional pumpkin spice with a touch of southern hospitality.

  • Roasted Chestnut Almond: a medium roast, flavored with chestnuts and almonds.

  • Sugar Cookie: a medium roast coffee that is sure to please anyone's sweet-tooth.

  • Turtle Brownie: a medium roast coffee that has rich, dark chocolate and creamy caramel flavor with light nutty notes.

  • Vanilla Butter Crème: a medium roast of rich vanilla flavor with butter and crème notes.

  • Vanilla Crème: a medium roast of rich vanilla flavor with a custard top note.

  • Yule Nog: a medium roast coffee that is a delightful mixture of graham crackers, creamy caramelized vanilla, and a touch of spiced rum.

LukeWarm Coffee (non-flavored):

  • Beholder Blend: a medium-dark blend of Colombia, Guatemala, and Sumatra beans that fuses a bright, spicy under-flavor with a smooth and buttery body.

“Beholder Blend is a ‘beautiful’ blend of Colombia, Sumatra, and Guatemala coffees roasted to a medium/dark roast. ‘The Bee Holder’ REALLY wants you to like his ‘special blend,’ cause if you don’t, he knows where you live! He’s convinced you WILL like it, and that you will think it (and he) is beautiful!
And as you enjoy this bee-you-T-full coffee, even ‘The Bee Holder’ will start lookin’ a little prettier!”

  • Howl at the Moon Blend: a blend of Sulawesi and Ethiopia that is roasted dark. This blend is smooth, full-bodied, with subtle fruity and spicy notes.

  • Monster Blend: a special blend of coffees from Central America, Africa, and Indonesia roasted to a French roast.

“Monsters are everywhere! Without the trained eye of Official Monster Spotters, we do not know where monsters may be lurking. Sometimes we can be walking right over a monster like the awful, robin-eating mutant Grub, which has adapted its head appendage to resemble a common worm. Oh it’s real alright! You may not believe in monsters, but have you ever been observing a beautiful robin and glance away only to look back and see it’s gone? See? I told you monsters are REAL! That’s why we developed this wonderfully roasted ‘Monster Blend’ to draw awareness to the monsters around us. Diabolical Dr. Frankincense started out as an innocent elf working the night shift for Santa. He became disgruntled by the lack of creative license Santa was willing to give him. He devised a plot to build a mutant snow monster using the remains of old snowmen he kept frozen in his laboratory to overthrow Santa and his toy plant. He named his monster ‘Myrrh’ and found another elf to help him by the name of Bernie Gold. You guessed it, their new company? Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. And the rest is history…or is it?”

  • Morningssuk Blend: a dark roasted blend of Sulawesi and Ethiopia.

“Ebenezer Mourningssuk comes from a prestigious line of late-risers. Previously, his idea of ‘early morning’ was waking up before the fast food restaurant’s drive-thru menu flipped to the lunch selection. Problem is, his new job is opening the coffee shop to brew the coffee! That’s why we developed ‘Morningssuk Blend’, for those like Ebenezer that think mornings should be reserved for birds and farm animals. Morningssuk Blend is a bold blend of Indonesian and African coffees roasted dark (like the back of your eyelids in the morning). We hope you enjoy this blend and it helps those of you who, like Ebenezer Morningssuk, think mornings… are tough!”

  • Red Eye Roast: a special blend of coffees from South America and two African regions blended and roasted to a French Roast.

“Red Eye Roast is named after a large Cyclops (Cyclops is such a negative name. How about ‘eye-challenged’ clops) named Hilga. She lived in Scandinavia in the 1600s. she was a harmless beast so she was hired by the local villagers to keep an eye out (pun intended) for anyone who might raid or pillage their villages. The only problem was that, being such a large creature, she was also a very sleepy creature. So the local coffee roaster developed a blend of coffee that would keep Hilga from sleeping so she could remain vigilant which resulted in her constantly have a ‘red eye’. This turned out to be a great story in a couple of ways. We got this great coffee known as ‘Red Eye Roast’ and it allowed a local doctor, Dr. Visine, to develop a medication to reliever her red eye. His first marketing pitch was: ‘Eye drops for the Cyclopes’. Now you know the whole story.”

  • Ugly Blend: a special blend of Kenya AA and Brazil Santos roasted very dark.

“Ugly Blend is a special blend of Kenya AA and Brazil Santos 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee beans. I roasted this coffee VERY dark to expose the special qualities of this African and South American coffee. What makes it ugly, you ask? Well, in the morning, when you feel and look like the guy on the front label, you need something that’ll bring out ‘the ugly’ and leave you feelin’… well… ‘not so ugly’. I’m sure you’ll love this special blend of dark roasted coffee and if you see someone else lookin’ like him, suggest they try LukeWarm’s ‘Ugly Blend’ to give them that pretty look!”

Lukewarm Coffee (flavored):

  • Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble: a medium roast coffee that has a fresh, blueberry pie taste with a warm cinnamon background.

“Our LukeWarm research staff has uncovered a startling revelation: Humpty Dumpty was NOT the original edible orb that fell from the wall! It was actually an over-zealous blueberry who felt that blueberries and cinnamon would be a better breakfast choice than eggs! Just as Mother Goose was setting up the legendary ‘fall’ scene, the blueberry broke through security and jumped from the wall only to ‘crumble’ to the bottom. Quickly disposing of the crumbled blueberry and cinnamon, the scene was filmed with Humpty Dumpty and the rest is history. Now you know! In honor of this forgotten breakfast hero, we have immortalized him with this special addition LukeWarm coffee flavor. He deserves it even though the present nursery rhyme may not have taken off as well with… ‘Blueberry Cinnamon sat on a wall…’”

  • Chocolate Turtle: a medium roast coffee that has nuances of nut and caramel covered with rich milk chocolate.

  • Coconut Scream: a medium roast coffee that tastes like fresh shredded coconut in a creamy base

“It’s a little known fact! I think I read it on the internet. Like a live lobster when it’s placed in the boiling water, a coconut lets out a loud SCREAM when it is about to be ‘violated’ and made into coconut goodies! I have a distant cousin (distant in the sense that he lives on a deserted island) who claims that the blood-curdling screams can be heard clear across the island! What? Coconut Cream? I’m sure they said ‘Scream’ and not ‘Cream’. OK, this is a creamy coconut-flavored coffee that will be sure to please! Wait! Did you hear that? It sounded like the blood-curdling screams of a coco…”

  • Cookies & Cream: a medium roast that tastes like a dark chocolate cookie with lots of sweet cream.

  • Fat Leprechaun (Irish Crème): a medium roast that is reminiscent of the famous Irish Crème liqueur.

"There's only been one official sighting of the 'Fat Leprechaun' in all of history. it was said that as an Irish man was following a rainbow to its end to score that ever-elusive pot of gold, a large, overweight Leprechaun was seen indulging in Irish stew and sippin' a pint of stout. The only problem was, he had dumped all of the gold from the pot to use for preparing the stew! All that was left for the Irishman was some cold stew and a half-drunk, warm pint! Oh well, here is a nice bag of Irish Cream flavored coffee in case, in your next rainbow excursion, all you find is a half-pot of stew, a half-pint of stout, and a half-lit fat leprechaun!"

  • Fireside Marshmallow: a medium roast with a flavor that evokes the childhood memories of toasting marshmallows.

"Unlike Big Foot, Nessie, The Moth Man or other freaky legendary creatures, the Fireside Marshmallow Man could be carful to your health! It seems he preys on folks who enjoy a good toasted marshmallow by the campfire... But not just anyone enjoying marshmallows. He seems to be taking vengeance on those who jump the stick in their marshmallow, shove it directly into the fire, and allow it to burst into flames. They then let it burn to a black charcoal crust, blow it out, and, with a maniacal laugh, squeeze the soft white middle into their mouths! These are the ones that the Fireside Marshmallow Man seems to be targeting. If you are one of these sadistic, marshmallow crazies, BEWARE! You may find yourself on the wrong end of the ole marshmallow stick! So try to enjoy this wonderful toasted marshmallow-flavored coffee while you can!"

  • Flatlander Grogg: a medium roast coffee with a creamy composition of rummy and nutty notes

“Like his cousin The Highlander, the Flatlander, who lives somewhere in the Midwest, grows HIS own coffee beans as well. Unlike his cousin’s coffee, it doesn’t make him ‘immortal’. You see, in trying to duplicate his cousin’s magical coffee recipe, he forgot the letter ‘t’ in the word ‘immortal’ when copying down the recipe. Unfortunately, all that the coffee he developed does for him is make him ‘immoral’. Now he can’t help but drink too much, cuss too much, and… get the picture!
We, at LukeWarm, have copied the taste of The Flatlander’s coffee but have not included the ingredients that would make you ‘immoral’. So enjoy this coffee without the fear of immoral thoughts (at least not from our coffee).”

  • Frosty’s Favorite: a medium roast coffee flavored coffee with notes of creamy vanilla, nuts, and cinnamon graham cracker.

“Poor Frosty!!! He loves coffee! He’s got a bit of a challenge though…coffee tends to upset his tummy a bit! If only it was just a tad bit cooler, he might be able to enjoy it more! I guess he could drink ‘iced coffee’ but then again, a good hot cup of coffee might taste good on a cold, ‘frosty’ morning! Oh, and a word to the wise: Don’t eat yelling snow! (Or is that ‘yellow’ snow?) Anyway, we hope you enjoy this holiday classic any time of the year!”

  • Hazelnut: a medium roast and a creamier version of the standard that has become our most popular seller.

“Her name is Hazel Battie but around our neck of the woods, she’s known as ‘old witch Hazel-nut’! She’s always brewin’ something in her little ‘house in the woods’. Nobody dares ask what’s in this special coffee she brews. She says it’s just hazelnut. You decide! We are all afraid to try it around here (especially after ole Mr. Burnside drank some of her ‘special home brew’ and was never seen again).
I hope you enjoy her “hazelnut coffee” and I also hope I hear from you again!”

  • Highlander Grogg: a medium roast of sweet butterscotch and rum with more creamy top notes

“According to old Scottish Folklore (or was it ole Scott who sold me a fishin’ lure from the bait shop?), an extremely large troll-lookin’ beast lives in the Scottish Highlands. He is known as ‘The Highlander’. Legend has it that, using his own homegrown coffee beans, he brews a magical coffee known as ‘Grogg’ that makes him immortal (but not any better looking!). If a human happens to acquire some of this ‘grogg’, they also can become immortal (but not any better looking!).
Try this specially flavored coffee known as ‘Highlander Grogg’ and you might feel ‘immortal’ or at least a little more motivated. Just don’t try to test immortality by jumping in front of a bus!”

  • Jamaican Me Crazy: a medium roast that is an island blend of Kahlua, caramel, and vanilla.

  • Jamaican Me Nuts: a medium roast that is an island blend of Kahlua, caramel, and nuts.

“Being stranded on a deserted island can be a little ‘unnerving’. You tend to lose all sense of…well, everything! You could have sword that the palm tree just got upset with you for borrowing a couple of coconuts to snack on! But you decided things were just fine after one of the coconuts told you that the palm tree is just temperamental. (‘I wish all those grains of sand would quit complaining about how hot it is!’ It’s makin’ me NUTS!)”

  • Jazzy Java: a medium roast that is a pleasing combination of cinnamon, rum, and pecan with just a touch of soul.

  • Nutty Grasshopper: a medium roast flavored with crème de menthe (chocolate mint) and hazelnut.

  • Pumpkin Spice: a medium roast that is a pleasing combination of cinnamon, rum, and pecan with just a touch of soul.

"Ahhhh...fall is in the air! Autumn! Harvest of grains, football, Halloween, Thanksgiving time... AND ALL THOSE DANG LEAVES FALLING OFF THE TREES ALL OVER MY YARD!!! Where's my rake? What do you mean I can't burn 'em this year? What am I gonna do with 'em? I'm not going to stuff the only pair of jeans I have with them to make a scarecrow! What do you mean, 'calm down'?! Alright, enough about leaves. This is a wonderful fall (as in leaves 'falling' ...Sorry!) flavor combining pumpkin spice and vanilla cream."

  • Tiramisu: a medium roast that is the result you get if you take ladyfinger cakes, add a dash of espresso, cook with gently sweetened cream cheese, and then add rum.

"Picture, if you will, poor Miss Sue. Halloween Night! ...full moon...things that go 'bump in the night'! She's terrified! 'What's that noise?' 'Could it be...?' What? What do you mean that it's 'Tiramisu' and that it's a popular Italian dessert cake? But... but... oh, alright then.. it's our coffee, flavored like the popular Italian dessert cake, Tiramisu! That's not quite as fun as Miss Sue being terrorized by Halloween noises... Oh well."

  • Vermont Maple Nut: a medium roast that is a rich mountain of maple flavor with just a hint of nut.

"Ahhhh! Autumn in Vermont! (Or wherever you choose to spend fall). The maple trees are ‘relieved’ that you are one of the many ‘Vermont Maple Nuts’ living around the world. This specially flavored coffee offers you the taste of Vermont Maple syrup with a hint of hazelnut to round it out. Of course, you will be ‘relieved’ to know you can get Vermont Maple Nut all year long! The maple trees are always for a little relief from all that goodness coming from within. I hope you enjoy this wonderful fall flavor."